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          Welcome to Dever Electric

     Dever Electric Inc. was founded in 1969 by W.O. Dever and has specialized in serving the electrical needs of the industrial and commodity moving community. Our company is small in size, but big on service.

     Normally when a new business starts, one of the first things done is to either buy or build a new office and shop building. However, here at Dever Electric Inc. we believe that the "office" should be at the customer’s location. Only in this way we can provide the personal service and customized support that we pride ourselves on. All of our management and supervisory personnel are equipped with nationwide pagers and cellular phones to be readily available to serve our customers needs.

     Our extensive experience in the industrial electrical field has allowed us to become specialized in the NEC requirements and constructions practices required in industrial and hazardous locations. It also allows us the advantage of knowing how your equipment should work both electrically and mechanically.

     It has always been a top priority of Dever Electric to stay focused on keeping our company up to date on the latest technologies and applications available to the electrical industry. In doing so we are able to retain our cutting edge of expertise and quality assurance for our customers.

     We truly look forward to doing business with you in the near future.

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